As a father and son team, we love getting the chance to work together. 

Over the past 35 years, Eddie has made a career investing in real estate and working through many of the experiences of home-ownership. He has renovated historic homes, invested in income-producing property, and even curated for various interior design projects over the years.  Eddie's property acquisition and management skills along with his innate knack for seeing potential in unique spaces makes Eddie a great Realtor®. 

Aidan grew up in New Orleans and studied communications & marketing at the University of San Diego. After working as a Realtor® in San Diego for the past few years, Aidan is excited to be back in New Orleans where he loves how unique the home-buying experience can be for clients. 

Eddie and Aidan are focused on each of their client’s individual needs, working hard to make the process smooth and easy. We are here to help through every step, whether you are buying, selling, leasing.